Virtual learning

at Harvest Baptist Academy
Instructions for virtual learning

We are setting up a Google classroom for virtual learning starting Friday, March 20th. You may have received a previous email asking you to join a classroom. If you did not, you can join using the following code(s):


1st Grade—uk7vx3t
2nd Grade—kogelpi
3rd Grade—e3fgddh
4th Grade—x76vnpd
5th Grade—bfwvyhi

5th & 6th Bible—66euytr
6th Grade—iguny5m
6th History–trm3opu

7th grade CODES

7th History—2ntck27
7th Math—tocdmm5
7th Science—c6kjem4
7th English—wjdivoc
7th Bible–uco6isv

8th grade CODES

8th English—th7x3h6
8th Science—hm67qtk
8th Bible—bwogri6
8th History–dyke57z

9th grade CODEs
9th Biology—rf4hmtj
Algebra 1—2uyjklp
9th & 10th Geography—5kxtdna
9th & 10th English—sp7mdjb
9th & 10th Bible— snuaikd


10th grade CODEs
10th Physical Science—5o4qnx2
10th Geometry—qw44z72
9th & 10th Geography—5kxtdna
9th & 10th Grade English—sp7mdjb
9th & 10th Bible— snuaikd

11th grade CODEs
11th Geometry—pumst4z
11th & 12th English—usqtt6r
11th & 12th Economics—e6qjt2w
11th & 12th Bible—vyyu7rl
Life Science—k7autbc

12th grade CODEs
11th & 12th English—usqtt6r
11th & 12th Economics—e6qjt2w
11th & 12th Bible—vyyu7rl
Life Science—k7autbc

Instructions Joining Google Classroom
  1. Go to or download the Google Classroom App.

  2. Sign into your email account.

  3. Click the + symbol in the upper right corner.

  4. Enter the code(s) for your student’s class.

Device Request

I would like request a device for my student(s) to use during this time period.