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Helping Others from Harvest Baptist Academy
will you help us raise $50,000?

Servathon is the major fundraising campaign at Harvest Baptist Academy. The mission of Servathon is to fill a need of additional funding for the academy and academy programs as well as demonstrate the importance of serving and giving back. Each participating family is required to return a list of potential sponsors. These sponsors will receive a letter detailing Servathon and request for donations.

Servathon kicks off at the end of September. In order to be prepared for the campaign we are requesting that each family return a minimum of ten (10) sponsor name(s) and complete addresses. The deadline to return the list to the Academy is on or before 6:00 PM on Friday, July 19, 2023. Any family that meets the deadline will have the $250 fundraising fee rebate applied to their account.

Download the form below to fill out sponsor names and addresses. Once completed, you can simply email the completed form to Casey Arabia.

Servathon Sponsor Form
Email Sponsor List
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