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Withdrawal form

WITHDRAWAL POLICY from Student Handbook

Students are not officially withdrawn from the academy until the parents complete a Student Withdrawal Form.  Accounts will continue to accrue and the student's place will be reserved until such notification is received.  Withdrawing students having attended one or more days of any month will owe tuition for the entire month.  We do not issue permanent records to parents or students but will forward records to other schools upon request.


Rental book fees are non-refundable, and purchased books are non-returnable.  If a student has purchased books and withdraws from the academy at any time during the school year, he should keep his purchased books.


Students dismissed or withdrawn from Harvest Baptist Academy will not be considered for re-enrollment during the current school year.  Parents and students must meet with the Administration before re-enrollment will be considered for the next year.


No report cards, transcripts, or diplomas will be issued to students unless all tuition and other incidental fees are paid.

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